A Walk Through Tanglewood

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A Walk Through Tanglewood wasn’t my initial pitch for my second story. In fact, it wasn’t even my second or third pitch, both of which were rejected. Tanglewood was my fourth pitch, days into the allotted recording time. Unlike with my first story, which sadly fell apart, I didn’t have fully fleshed out scenes or even a strong idea of what the story would be. There were half-baked scenes, but nothing solid. I didn’t even know where exactly where we were going to explore. A lot was riding on the tape and that was scary.

I’m a planner — this is not how I like doing things. But I’ve learnt through Transom that you can’t plan for everything. The ideas you had before recording are going to change once you listen back to the tape. Your first draft will look nothing like your final piece. And editors will have ideas that will take your piece to places that didn’t even occur to you. All of this is sucks for a planner, but it’s part of the game.

Flexibility is key to great radio making. Arranging and rearranging are just part of the process no matter how great your idea was or how amazing the tape is. And as a maker, you have to be open to things changing. This is something I’m working on every day. Being a little less rigid with my vision and letting the tape dictate the story. I’m nowhere near perfect at it, but I know the making of this radio piece got me a bit closer.

About TK’s Sonic ID

Listen to “TK’s Sonic ID”

Personally, sonics are hard and easy. The hard part is gaining the courage to stick a mic in a stranger’s face. The easy part is listening to what they have to say. People are a lot more open than I realized.

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