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What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for great radio — things that are less heard, different styles, new voices, new ways of telling, and any other good pieces that haven’t found another way onto public radio. Transom editors evaluate material more by what it does than what it is. some questions they’ll consider:

On the air, would it keep you by your radio until it’s over?

Is the maker someone of talent who should be encouraged?

Does it push the boundary of conventional radio in an exciting way?

Will it provoke fruitful discussion online?

Submissions can be stories, essays, home recordings, sound portraits, interviews, found sound, non-fiction pieces, audio art, whatever, as long as it’s good listening. Material may be submitted by anyone, anywhere — by citizens with stories to tell, by radio producers trying new styles, by writers and artists wanting to experiment with radio. As long as it hasn’t already aired nationally, we’ll consider it.

The Submission Process

If you would like to send Transom your work for consideration, please read the following agreement and use our instructions for submission. Submission Agreement

You are submitting your work for consideration by the Massachusetts-based non-profit organization Atlantic Public Media, Inc. for placement on the site and other uses as specified in the “Acceptance Agreement“. warrants that no use will be made of your material without prior agreement from you and subject to the terms of our “Acceptance Agreement.”

You agree that you have the right to submit this work for uses as described in the “Acceptance Agreement” and that your submission does not infringe on any copyright or other proprietary right or right of publicity or privacy. You acknowledge that receives many audio materials and ideas, some of which may coincidentally be similar to yours and that does not have any duty or liability with respect to infringement of your copyright.

1. Read our simple Submission Agreement.

You need to agree to its terms. We can’t accept submissions unless you do.

2. Send Your Work.

Our favorite option is a URL. Give us a web address where we can audition your work.

The more venerable option is by Mail. Send your work on CD. (Caveat: We will not be able to return your submission unless you include a self-addressed stamped envelope with full postage.)

3. We Review Your Work.

We receive your submission and our editorial team listens to it. They decide what work gets on the site. Simple.

4. What Happens If Your Work Is Not Accepted?

First, we’re sorry. We know what rejection is like. In fact to prove it here . . . you can listen to a radio piece about rejection. If you have sent us a file or hard audio version, you will receive an email response to your submission within a reasonable period of time, plus, we hope this site will offer other benefits besides the acceptance of your work which will help you with the tools and techniques of radio production. If you haven’t sent us audio, but only an email or voicemail or a letter, we will try to respond, but, honestly, we may not have time. Consider a lack of timely response to be a respectful pass.

5. What Happens If Your Work *IS* Accepted?

This happens in one of two ways:

Your piece is finished and we take it as is, per the terms in the Acquisition Agreement, to place on the Transom site and for broadcast on a local radio show for Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket on public radio stations WCAI and WNAN, where we live. We might also acquire the work for the Transom Radio Specials, which will involve an extra fee. You retain all other rights to the work. Any further use of the work on other national programs will be between you and those programs, but we expect a credit, so talk to us first and let’s get clear on that. You can take a look at our acceptance agreement. If your work is accepted here, we’re happy to discuss the arrangement. Our goal is to be fair to artists and also help succeed.


Your piece seems full of promise, but not yet ready for public scrutiny. In cases like this, we may offer to help in various ways . . . only rarely, though, because we don’t have much money or manpower for this. If this does happen, it will likely have the effect of making the piece a co-production, though, so the agreement will be a modified version of the standard acceptance agreement, written to fairly recognize the collaboration. We’ll talk.

A Life After Transom

Programs like All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, and Morning Edition and PRI programs like This American Life sometimes adapt material from that they think would sound good on their programs. They have agreed to mention when they do, which will send more potential contributors to the site. We encourage this circle. It’s the point.

Discussion Boards

Good ideas and helpful advice come from everywhere. We hope our bulletin boards will be such places. In addition to the bulletin board discussion for each piece, we also maintain a “Tools” section with lots of advice. We are especially interested in your postings of lasting value that we can archive on the site. Occasionally, we will award a t-shirt to especially helpful users, and/or invite them to become Special Guests.

A Note to Acquirers

If you’re a visitor from a radio show or audio site or magazine or some other place that’s interested in acquiring work you find on, well, that’s good. Here’s the deal. We can put you directly in touch with the producer of the work. Please note, though, that our agreement with producers requires that be mentioned wherever the piece goes from here, so you need to honor that. (Our only other restrictions are on pieces co-produces, but we can deal with that on a case-by-case basis.)

Submit Your Work

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For mail submissions of sound recordings or print materials:

Please download the “ Mail Submission Agreement” and include a signed and dated copy with your submission.

Download Submission Agreement

Mail To: Public Media
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Submit Online

Only if your work is available online:
Please read the our Submission Agreement above, then fill out this form.

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Other Options

If you would like to make other arrangements for sending your work (email, ftp, etc…), please contact us first to discuss file size and the best method for delivery.