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Listen to “Nuggets”

I’m frequently asked, “What podcasts are you listening to?” Unfortunately, I’m usually stumped. The answer is, “Too many. I can’t remember them all.” In fact, I don’t seem to have allegiance to any one single podcast. My ears are all over the place, largely because I’m on the hunt for good work to feature on HowSound.

Sometimes, the good stories I discover pile up and I don’t have enough time to interview all the producers I’d like to.

In an attempt to remedy the situation, a few months ago I dedicated an episode of HowSound to highlights from pieces I find really compelling.

Well, the good work has piled up again and it’s time for another episode of ear-catching clips.

On this episode of HowSound, excerpts from:

Believed a podcast about Larry Nassar, the United States Olympic gymnastics team doctor who abused hundreds of women and girls. It’s produced by Michigan Radio and NPR. Believed was recently named one of two winners of the 2019 Dart Award for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma.

“Punk Style,” an episode from a cool little series on 99% Invisible called “Articles of Clothing.” Avery Trufelman is the producer.

“The Red Menace Hits the Crimson Tide” by Ben Calhoun of This American Life. The story of a Democrat in Alabama willing to do anything to see a Republican candidate for Senate defeated. Even if it means employing tactics used by the Russians in the 2016 presidential election.

“Show Me State of Mind” by Jelani Cobb on This American Life. The story is an exploration of the conspiracy theory surrounding the deaths of several racial justice activists in Missouri.

• “Becoming Arctic, Becoming Human” an episode from the Threshold a podcast about climate change produced and hosted by Amy Martin.


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