First, Tell Them An Anecdote

photo of Misha Euceph
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When I asked Misha Euceph if her podcast was important, without reservation she said “Yeah. Oh, yeah.”

It’s called Tell Them I Am and it’s produced by KPCC. In over twenty-three episodes, Misha features stories from Muslims about small moments that become defining moments in their lives.

In part, the impetus for the series came from a joke by Maz Jobrani. In one of his stand-up performances he laments how Muslims are portrayed in the news. They’re always asked about jihad or head scarfs or prayer. For once, he jokes, he’d like CNN to report on a guy just baking a cookie — the point being Muslims have lives outside their faith, too.

Misha talks to Tan France of Queer Eye, artist Deana Haggog, writer Najma Shariff, drag competitor Mercedes Imam Diamond, diplomat Akbar Ahmad, and many other prominent and not-so-prominent Muslims.

At first, Misha believed the podcast would be entertaining and useful, a way to connect Muslims and non-Muslims. But the podcast became much more important after the shootings in mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Fifty-one people were killed, forty-nine injured.

Listen to “Misha on the mass shooting in New Zealand”

On this episode of HowSound, Misha explains why she made the unusual choice of starting each episode of Tell Them I Am with a personal story of her own.

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