Three Student Stories Produced In Only A Week

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Again and again and again and again, I’m stunned by the solid work produced by students in Transom’s Traveling Workshops. These are week-long workshops held around the country. Frankly, under the circumstances, there’s no reason for the pieces students make to be good.

The week-long workshops move at lightening speed. In that short time, students who, for the most part, have never produced radio stories before, have a week to produce a four-and-a-half minute profile of an interesting person. That’s it. One week.

We cover everything — how to use recording gear, interviewing, collecting sound, ethics, writing, voicing, mixing and editing . . . The whole shebang.

At night, students prep questions, they log tape, and write scripts. By the end, they’re exhausted. And, because of their Herculean efforts, their stories turn out pretty darn good.

Take the three stories I’m featuring on this episode of HowSound from Holly Kirkpatrick, Romy Sher, and Ivan Ruiz-Knott. Holly and Ivan attended a Traveling Workshop Transom recently held at the PRX Podcast Garage in Allston, Massachusetts. Romy produced her story in Michigan at a workshop sponsored by Interlochen Public Radio and the Interlochen Center for the Arts.

If you’d like to join us for a workshop, we’d love to have you. Our slate of summer workshops are full, but we’re planning a slew of winter workshops in several locations around the country. We can put you on our mailing list and keep you posted. Write us at

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