A Question To Start A Story?

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“Where do I even start?!”

How many times have you said that to yourself as you’re staring at a blank screen wanting to write a script. If you’re like me, too many.

There are “tricks” to break the logjam. Ask yourself “What’s my best tape?” and try starting with that. Or, pick a point on the plot line and just start writing to see what happens. Some writers, to figure out the beginning, will ask “What’s my ending?” The thinking there: knowing your destination will help determine where to start.

Another trick is to get clear on what question your story is trying to answer and put that in the beginning — literally. Have the actual focus question of your story in your script.

Annie Minoff and Elah Feder, producers of Undiscovered, the podcast from Science Friday, often use a question as a way to start a story. They typically write an anecdote in front of the question — something that will set up and lead to the question. Then, after they pose the question, the remainder of the episode answers that question.

They use this approach to great effect. But, I had some questions about their questions, and we talk about them on this episode of HowSound.


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  • Susan



    You were kinda hard on Annie and Elah in this story…

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