The Podcast Mindset: Part 2

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Listening to Nocturne, a podcast about the night, I pictured Vanessa Lowe exploring corners of the dark with her microphone and a flashlight. I imagined she sometimes wore a headlamp so she could record her nighttime stories more easily. There she is, I’d dream up in my mind, stepping quietly, eyes and ears wide open, capturing the sounds of mocking birds or Christmas tree salesman or a scary walk in the woods . . . wherever there’s a story after dark.

After speaking with Vanessa for this episode of HowSound, I have a new, stronger image of her in mind. One of a clever producer, dedicated to craft, in her studio surrounded by notes taped to the wall and on her computer. Some notes list show ideas. Others are reminders and motivations about the craft, like Alex Blumberg’s way of framing story ideas: “I’m doing a story on ‘X’ and it’s interesting because ‘Y.'” Or “Read. Listen. Make.”

Vanessa’s notes are just one small part of her mindset, the outlook she needs to produce Nocturne. On this, the second of two episodes about the podcast mindset (the first was with Phoebe Judge of Criminal), Vanessa talks about her notes as well as the other ways she makes podcasting work.

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