The Podcast Mindset: Part 1

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This summer, I went to mow the lawn and the mower wouldn’t start. I tried and tried. Nothing.

I checked the gas. Fine. I checked the oil. Fine. So, I pulled the chord again and again. Still nothing.

I looked on-line for solutions. A few websites suggested spraying starter fluid into the carburetor. I watched a couple of videos. It looked dangerous; starter fluid is highly flammable. Then I said “What the heck.”

No luck.

A couple of friends advised me to clean the carburetor. I thought “Hmmmm. I’ve never done that before but okay. I’ll watch some videos. Shouldn’t be too tough.” Yeah, well . . .

I opened up the carburetor, looked around, cleaned out a little dish, poked at a couple of things, and then just gave up. I never even removed the thing. I figured I’d screw it up royally if I went any further.

Looking back, my inability to fix the mower may have had less to do with my lack of skill and more to do with my mindset. Even though I had the right tools and some decent on-line tutorials, I lacked the right outlook to persevere.

I think this problem holds true for podcasters. A producer may have the right tools and access to decent on-line tutorials about everything from interviewing to marketing, but if you don’t have the right mindset . . .

What is that mindset? I interviewed two successful podcasters to find out. On the next episode of HowSound, Vanessa Lowe of Nocturne. For this episode, Phoebe Judge of Criminal. Both lay out the mindset they bring to their podcast storytelling.

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