Making Sense Of A Pile Of Tape

photo of a bunch of cassette tapes
Listen to “Making Sense Of A Pile Of Tape”

It must be every radio producer’s dream — a pile of tape. Why? Because a pile of tape just might be a treasure trove of radio gold. Bianca Giaever says going through it “is sort of like a child going through Christmas presents.”

Bianca should know. She’s a film maker and radio producer. A couple of years ago she was introduced to Beth Wright who gave her just such a pile. Five hundred and forty-six audio files. Hours and hours and hours of recordings from Beth’s husband, the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Franz Wright. Talk about treasure trove.

While a collection of recordings like that holds incredible possibility, making sense of it is one hell of a lot of work. How do you go through it? Manage it? Track it? I mean how do you even find time to listen to it all?! And who says after all that listening you’ll discover a hidden story?

Bianca has answers and a touching documentary called Two Years with Franz produced with Jay Allison here at Transom.

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