Anatomy Of A Scene

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The word “scene” is used all the time when discussion audio storytelling. “Do you have any scenes for your story?” “What’s the opening scene?” “Oh, man, I recorded some good scene tape today!” But, what is a scene?

In short, think of it as a chapter, a section of a story that typically has active tape or ambiance. A scene is a great way to organize a piece and create a more visual story. At their best scenes aren’t filler; they help tell the story.

Typically, a scene has four core elements:

  • Characters
  • Setting — A physical location where the story is taking place.
  • Action — The character is clearly doing something.
  • Idea — There’s a point to a scene. It communicates and shows an important point in a story.

On this episode of HowSound, I’ll dissect a scene that goes above and beyond. It not only has all these elements but it has a clear beginning and end, as well as a narrative arc. It comes from a story produced by Jessica Yung a recent graduate of the Transom Story Workshop.

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