A Rockin’ Start

photo of Louie, Louie record
Listen to “A Rockin’ Start”

Maybe it’s because I love the song. It’s a musical detonation and an f-you to dad. “A primitive howl in the face of all that is proper and refined,” as David Weinberg puts it. And so, maybe that’s why I’m so keen on the opening to David’s documentary about the song. I mean, it’s “Louie Louie” for God’s sake.

But, more than the song, it’s David’s writing that captivated me right out of the gate. The first few minutes of “Louie Louie: The Strange Journey of the Dirtiest Song Never Written” is an incredible hook. You have to listen.

David’s a producer for KCRW in Santa Monica. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on his podcast Welcome to LA. I featured David on HowSound some time ago with an excellent piece from his series Below the Ten. He’s always got something good up his sleeve and the “Louie Louie” doc is no exception — especially the open which is the focus of this episode of HowSound. If you want to learn how to really sell a story from the get-go, listen to this.

As an added bonus, here’s the playlist of music he listened to while writing the documentary. It has, as you might expect, lots of cover versions. David’s fav is by The Sonics. One of my favs, which didn’t make it to David’s list, is by The Troggs.

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