Two Traveling Workshop Stories

Listen to “Two Traveling Workshop Stories”

One came from Australia. Another from D.C. Another from Aspen. Still another from San Antonio. All were part of a class of ten people from all over who recently attended a Transom Traveling Workshop in Marfa, Texas hosted by Marfa Public Radio.

Some students were full time reporters. Others had dabbled at producing their own podcasts or stories for stations. A couple had not made anything before. They all produced a profile of someone living in the area.

Let’s just say it was a blast. I mean, think about it. Ten students, ten stories, one week. Marfa, Texas. Hello? What’s not to like??!

On this episode of HowSound, I’m highlighting a couple of pieces produced at the workshop because of their great use of sound and on-scene reporting. They’re really satisfying to listen to. The producers are Andrea Gibbs, a host on a weekly Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio program who has never reported in the field or produced her own story before and Margot Wohl who makes a podcast for KPBS in San Diego.

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