Intimate Interviewing

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Here’s what happens when I show up for an interview. I’m chatty. I make lots of eye contact and small talk. I scope out a good place to conduct the interview which usually means a quiet office or family room. I’ll probably scooch a couple of chairs close together (with permission of course) or maybe I’ll position myself across from someone as they sit on a couch. And then, we’re off and running.

Lu Olkowski frequently approaches interviewing in a much different manner. I’ll give you one example. I’m hesitant to sit on a couch with someone. To be sure, I’ve done it and it’s worked. But, somehow, that feels too close, too intimate. Lu, on the other hand, is perfectly okay sitting on a couch with someone. In fact, she prefers it. She finds she gets good results. “People can look straight ahead and space out if they’re not wanting to make eye-contact and be in a floaty kind of space where they can tell you what they’re thinking. Or they can just turn their heads and look you in the eye if they really want to make contact.”

Lu, on occasion, has gone one step further. She’s interviewed people while sitting on a bed. But, to hear about that and more common techniques she uses for fostering intimate interviews, you’ll have to listen to this episode of HowSound.

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