Dead Mom Talking

Listen to “Dead Mom Talking”

Some ideas are just so maddeningly simple. You think “Why didn’t I come up with that?!!”

I felt like that when I first heard Rachel Matlow’s Dead Mom Talking (produced for the CBC show The Sunday Edition.) It was a forehead slap moment.

On the face of it, all Rachel did was take some tape she’d recorded with her mom before her mom’s death and edit a conversation between the two of them. She produced a conversation that never happened.

I mean think about it. Radio producers do this every day, sort of. They take tape from a conversation they recorded then they write and record narration to move back and forth between the tape. It’s not quite a conversation but sometimes it’s pretty close. All Rachel did was take that practice to the next level. The back and forth she created just sounds more chatty than usual.

Forehead slappingly simple, right? Wrong. As you’ll hear on this episode of HowSound.

P.S. — For another example of “conversing with tape” check out Jay Allison’s Subtext: Communicating with Horses.

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