Still More Buried Treasures: Student Work

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Here are a few numbers. This week, I start teaching my tenth Transom Story Workshop on Cape Cod. By May, when the workshop ends, Transom students will have produced 180 stories since we started the Workshop in 2011. Yowza.

If you add my eleven years as a radio instructor at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and all the stories produced at Transom’s Traveling Workshops… I could do the math but lets just say that’s a lot of student stories.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of gems. I started featuring some of them in recent episodes — “Buried Treasures” and “More Buried Treasures”. I dug up two more classics for this episode.

The first comes from Greg Warner, NPR’s East Africa correspondent. Greg first learned radio storytelling back in 2003 at Salt. I’ve played his feature, “Endless Winter,” in almost every class. It’s that good, especially the writing.

The second was produced by Catarina Martins, a Transom student last year. Catarina obtained incredible access for a story about a father, a daughter, their depression, and the role The Who plays in the struggle to manage their illness. The piece is called “Despair, Inherited.”

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