Producing Personal Pieces

photo of Stephanie Foo
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Every day, reporters ask interviewees to go deep, to reveal profoundly personal information. Stories about all manner of difficult subject matter: divorce, illness, fraud, war, domestic violence, poverty….

And it’s not just the reporter who’ll hear those stories. Millions of people may hear them. Reporters make what’s private, public. That’s a lot to ask of an interviewee.

Rarely, do reporters turn the mic on themselves to divulge the challenges in their own lives. So, when they do, it’s surprising — and refreshing.

Producer Stephanie Foo aimed a mic her way for an essay on This American Life called “The Favorite.” It’s the first essay she produced for the program. It’s not an easy listen. “The Favorite” is a frank and sometimes disturbing look at how Stephanie was abused by a parent, and the complicated way her extended family responded.

On this HowSound, Stephanie talks about writing “The Favorite” and why she found it personally rewarding to do. She offers a good deal of insight — useful for anyone thinking of turning a mic toward themselves.


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  • Greg R Barron



    “Herein begins a series of audio explorations and storytelling about the things I find right in front of my eyes. When I was a kid I was a radio newsman, a journalist telling “important” stories about the broader world.

    Today my interest lies in a more personal realm…”

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