What’s Changed?: The Power Of Follow-Up Stories

Listen to “What’s Changed?: The Power Of Follow-Up Stories”

Here’s the message of this episode of HowSound in a nutshell: Produce follow-up stories.

Take a look at your past work. See if there’s a story worth revisiting. Find out what’s new, what’s developed, what’s happened since you last reported the story that’s surprising and unexpected. In short, make the time between stories work to your advantage.

Or, as producer Mike Bernstein put it in a 2011 interview “Time makes things interesting. It’s an easy way to create sort of a dynamic nature for your piece because your question is already there, ‘What’s changed?'”

On this episode of HowSound, two stories from Mike. First is “Sit With Me,” the original story about a father with depression and his son produced in 2006 when Mike was a student of mine. The second, a lengthy follow-up Mike produced for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

I’m convinced you’ll hear the potential value of revisiting a story you’ve produced after listening to this episode. So much so, you’ll be inspired to rifle through your own work on the hunt for a follow-up.

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