Story Workshop & Scholarship News

Atlantic Public Media is pleased to announce that for the first time we were able to offer scholarship support to attend the Transom Story Workshop. We are currently providing funds to more than half the Fall 2015 Workshop class.

Our goal is to make the Workshop a realistic option for people who have been unable to attend due to the cost — with a focus on diverse voices, people of color, and those who have been historically under-represented as makers of public media.

We are also happy and grateful to share more good news: This American Life will be providing major support for our Story Workshop Scholarship Fund starting in 2016.

Thanks to This American Life, as well as sponsorship from MailChimp, a few individual major donors, and contributions from alumni and other supporters, we will be able to offer several accepted applicants scholarships at various levels, removing barriers to entry so that ability to pay will no longer be an issue. Applications for Spring 2016 Story Workshop and Scholarship fund are now open.

The Fall 2015 session began on September 28th. Nine students, a mix of Americans at home and abroad, as well as two international students, arrived in Woods Hole from the South, the Midwest, the West Coast, Alaska, Trinidad, Ireland, India, and France. We look forward to sharing their experience and work on Transom.

You can find out more about our eight-week Story Workshop here:

You can find out about our Scholarship (and donation link should you be so inclined) here:

We thank all our donors for helping us maintain a diverse student body and offering support to people who might not otherwise be able to afford the Workshop.

If you’d like to be notified about all our Workshop news, please write to us at info [at] and we will add you to our Workshop email list.

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