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I’m often asked “How can I get into radio?”  Typically, I respond with things like “Just start making stories. Take some classes then get an internship. ”

What I don’t say is “Interview a lot of people then show up at a radio station and ask ‘Can you help me produce a radio story?'” That seems unlikely to work.

But, maybe I should give that advice because that’s how Scott Carrier got his start in radio back in 1983. Only instead of knocking on the door of a radio station recordings in hand, he went directly to the mothership — NPR.

On this edition of HowSound, Scott and Alex Chadwick, producer of Weekend All Things Considered at the time, tell the legendary backstory of producing Scott’s first radio piece. Not only will you say “Whoa! Really? He did that?!” you’ll also ask yourself “Could that happen today?”

In fact, after listening, let me know what you think — could someone show up with a heap-o’-tape and have the door open like it did for Scott?

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