Online Workshop 3: Pieces

Here are a few of our favorites from the final exercise of the third Transom Online Workshop Assignment: Make a Story:

  1. Choose either the audio or video medium to produce your final story, no longer than six minutes.
  2. Schedule and record interviews with your subjects.
  3. Gather additional elements with the medium you’ve chosen (e.g., get ambience, sounds, b-roll video).
  4. Edit the best interviews.
  5. Arrange the best elements and edited-interviews into a coherent narrative.
  6. Mix the elements into a broadcast-worthy piece with a beginning, middle, and end.

“I’ve Been in a Fight”

by Sarah Cannon

Stacy and opponent in the fight ring

My friend Stacy has been in a fight. She went to a boxing class on a whim, and was pretty bad at boxing at first, but she liked it. A few months later she fought in a sanctioned boxing match, she kinda liked that too.

Listen to “I’ve Been in a Fight (from TOW 0.3)”

“Dangerous Gifts”

by Nina Packebush


Approximately 13 million people in the United States are diagnosed with a serious mental illness, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and severe depression. Abilify, an antipsychotic medication, is the top selling drug in the United States. Most people believe that those diagnosed with a mental illness have a chemical imbalance that must be treated with medication if they are to ever live a normal life, but there is a growing subset of the population that doesn’t believe that things are that simple. This movement believes that symptoms, even severe symptoms like psychosis and suicidal thoughts, can be managed with little or no medication. Some even view their symptoms as dangerous gifts that make them more in tune with what it is to be human. I talked to one such person, a young mother and college student, about her choice to navigate her madness without medication.

Listen to “Dangerous Gifts (from TOW 0.3)”

“My Mother’s Other Daughter”

by Anna Samuels

Mother and daughter

In 1973, my mother gave her first daughter up for adoption. Twenty-eight years later, my half-sister, Erin, contacted my mom. My mom and I drove to San Francisco to meet Erin in a dimly lit sushi restaurant. I hope to speak with Erin about her choice to contact my mom and the implications of her decision, focusing on the days, hours, and minutes leading up to that first meeting.

Listen to “My Mother’s Other Daughter (from TOW 0.3)”

“Finding Victor”

by Jessica Lara Ticktin

Victor, Jessica Ticktin's grandfather

My mother found out who her father was on her 70th birthday. (Music: “Le fils des etoiles: Prelude du 2e acte: L’Initation” performed by Patrick Cohen from his Satie, E.: Pieces Froides / Gnossiennes / Gymnopedies.)

Listen to “Finding Victor (from TOW 0.3)”


by Michelle Woo

My grandmother, Annie, talks about her husband’s health, the time when she was most afraid. (Produced for Assignment 3: Video Interview.)

The TOW Mentor is Scott Carrier, author, photographer, professor, and radio producer. Thanks to the Knight Prototype Fund for support.

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