Online Workshop 2: Pieces

Hospice workers: closeup of hands

We present a few of our favorites from the final productions of the first full Transom Online Workshop, Assignment: Make a Story:

  1. Choose either the audio or video medium to produce your final story, no longer than six minutes.
  2. Schedule and record interviews with your subjects.
  3. Gather additional elements with the medium you’ve chosen (e.g., get ambience, sounds, b-roll video).
  4. Edit the best interviews.
  5. Arrange the best elements and edited-interviews into a coherent narrative.
  6. Mix the elements into a broadcast-worthy piece with a beginning, middle, and end.

“Angry Amy” by Ben Lloyd

Amy has been Angry Amy for decades. We find out why on one of the long winter nights at her job on the graveyard shift, grooming the Big Sky ski area in Montana. (Music: “The First Daffodils” by Bibio from Silver Wilkinson.)

“Hospice: New Gorgeousness” by Anna Miller

Hospice workers: closeup of hands

A woman once told me she had the best job in the world: a hospice nurse. Recently I asked two hospice staffers how they view life and death, and how they face everyday something most people spend their entire lives avoiding.

Listen to “Hospice: New Gorgeousness (from TOW 0.2)”

“Dyed and The Bomb” by Mark Kelleher

Mr. Dyed and his grandchildren.

At the end of the Great Patriotic War (WWII), Belarus was left in rubble from the Nazi invasion and subsequent Soviet battles to win back the territory. This is the tale of a child exploring that post-WWII Soviet “playground” (in Russian with English translation).

Listen to “Dyed and The Bomb (from TOW 0.2)”

The TOW Mentor is Scott Carrier, author, photographer, professor, and radio producer.
Thanks to the Knight Prototype Fund for support.

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