Look At Me, Did I Find True Love?

Listen to “Look At Me, Did I Find True Love?”

As an instructor at the Transom Story Workshop, I’m not supposed to have a personal interest in a student’s work. That’s crossing a professional line. But, I must admit, I was rooting for Alex Kapelman to bring home gold.

When I was a teen in the late 70’s, I fell in love with a 60’s, garage rock band called The Barbarians. They had a “Top 100” song called Moulty which told the tale of the band’s drummer, Victor “Moulty” Moulton who played the drums with a hook on his left hand. In the song, Moulty lamented for a girl, “a real girl, one that truly loves me.” And, for over 35 years, I’ve wondered what ever happened to Moulty. Did he find his love?

Enter Alex who, with the help of a fellow classmate, found Moulty and interviewed him with one question in mind.

I won’t tell you the answer. You’ll have to listen. But none other than Jay Allison said the piece had “one of the best endings in the business.”

When you finish listening, be sure to listen to Alex’s podcast Pitch, especially if you dig rock ‘n’ roll.


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  • Sara



    This song is on Nuggets Disk 1. I always wondered what it as about and who Moulty was… I never saw the cover because I heard it on the compilation album. Great program!

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