Dear Birth Mother

Listen to “Dear Birth Mother”

I hope you don’t mind if I get a little personal. February of 2014 marks the first anniversary of my reunion with my birth mother — my “first mother,” as I like to call her. I was placed for adoption in 1962 and, long story short, we made contact in August of 2012. A few months later, we met face-to-face. Reconnecting, even after fifty years, was the exact right thing to do.

Suzanne and Loretta ten years ago (photo courtesy of Suzanne via Long Haul Productions)

As you might imagine, a big life event like that prompted me to think about adoption stories. There are quite a few at PRX well worth listening to. Two in particular catch my ear: “Inside the Adoption Circle” (produced by my partner and others I work with at, for full disclosure) and the story featured on this edition of HowSound, “Dear Birth Mother,” produced by Elizabeth Meister and Dan Collison in 2005. “Dear Birth Mother” won a first place award from the Third Coast International Audio Festival.

If, after listening to HowSound and all of the adoption stories at PRX you’re still hungry for more, I recommend Ann Fessler’s book The Girls Who Went Away. Ann produced a movie, too.

Thanks for listening. And, happy anniversary “First Mom!”

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