What If There Was No Destiny?

Listen to “What If There Was No Destiny?”

Sometimes, I wish there was a quadratic equation for journalism ethics. Just plug in the variables and the equation spits out the answer: “No. Don’t do that — ever.” Or, “Yes. This is allowed in this circumstance.” Wouldn’t that make ethical decision making easier?

Take, for instance, use of the pronoun “I.” In so many cases, using “I,” is verboten. Yet, with greater frequency, “I” appears in more and more pubic radio journalism. Seems like “I” now exists in a gray area — perfect for the ethics quadratic equation.

But, what about personal opinion? Isn’t that forbidden? I don’t hear too much of that. It appears that line is relatively clear. But, then again…

Listen to the Radiolab story featured on this edition of HowSound. It’s called “What If There Was No Destiny?” The line on opinion is blurred slightly in this story when reporter Pat Walters says: “I asked Barbara about some of the things she said because, to be totally honest, they kind of turned my stomach.” And, there’s more. You’ll have to listen.

After you do, will you please apply your quadratic equation for ethics to this and let me the answer you arrive at?


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  • Kevin Wayne Pledger



    Near the end of the story, Pat asks Destiny if, knowing how the story turned out, she would have chosen to be born or not be born. Destiny said that she would have chosen not to be born at all with so much being left to chance. I feel that a similar question could have been asked about a reporter injecting him- or herself into the story. Yes, it turned out all right in this case, just as Destiny’s life did, but going back to do it all over again, why leave so much to chance? Better to err on the side of objectivity, I would think.

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