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What impresses me the most about the podcast “Tiny Spark” is the depth of reporting by Amy Costello. “Tiny Spark” is long-form storytelling digging deep into issues facing the work of foundations and non-profits. It’s an unusual beat and Amy’s asking tough questions.

Amy is the producer of “Tiny Spark.” She’s also the host, editor, and reporter. Amy brings to bear several years of reporting for public radio and television in the States and abroad and it shows in the podcast.

On this HowSound, Amy talks about “Tiny Spark’s” mission and shares some of the behind the scenes workings. We also listen to a story that’s generated a lot of chatter at the “Tiny Spark” blog: “Tom’s Shoes: A Closer Look.” The story offers critical analysis of the philanthropic efforts of a shoe company that donates a pair of shoes every time a pair of shoes is purchased. I think you’ll be surprised at what Amy’s investigation turned up.

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