Three Records from Sundown

Listen to “Three Records from Sundown”

When Marshall McLuhan said “the medium is the message” he was, in essence, saying that the way a message is transmitted adds information, it says something — intended or not.

If that’s true, and I think it is, what about a radio story? Or, more specifically, what about how a radio story is produced adds information? Can the way you cut and mix and use sound say something more than just the sound itself? I think you’ll answer with a resounding “Yes!” when you listen to “Three Records From Sundown,” a documentary about singer and songwriter Nick Drake produced by Charles Maynes in 2009.

Charles crafted the exact right pacing, he fashioned the perfect sound design elements, he EQed (changed the sound of recording) in just the precise manner to evoke “Nick Drake.” It’s almost as though Drake and his producer, Joe Boyd, were in the studio recording a Nick Drake documentary like it was a Nick Drake song.

In this podcast, I refer to these production choices as “tone” and “sensibility.” They’re production elements producers should consider when assembling a story and Charles nailed “tone” with this doc (which won a Third Coast Director’s Choice Award, by the way).

Listen hard.

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