Listen to “Stylus”

The last thing I would tell a new producer is to produce an hour-long program. Invariably, my advice is to start small and there ain’t nothin’ small about an hour of radio.

I certainly wouldn’t advise a “newbie” to produce an hour-long program on silence, the nemesis of radio producers everywhere. And, without a doubt, I would send up flares, stomp my feet, and shake my head “No” about a hundred times if they wanted to approach producing an hour-long program on silence without narration. I’d tell them, point blank, “You’re foolhardy!”

Guess who the fool is. Me.

Conor Gillies and Zack Ezor did everything I would have told them not to do and they kicked radio ass doing it. While Conor and Zack have done some radio production for WBUR, a public radio station in Boston, “Stylus” is Conor and Zack’s first full-on foray in to radio storytelling and it’s nothing short of stellar. Frankly, I’m jealous.

Once you’ve finished listening to the excerpt featured on this edition of HowSound, march over to PRX and listen to the whole program (and listen, too, to Conor and Zack’s influences John Cage, Glenn Gould and Paolo Pietropaolo).

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