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“Word of the Day” goes to Nick van der Kolk. Nick recently used “auteurship” while we were talking about his podcast Love + Radio.

“Auteur” or “auteurship” are not words you hear too frequently in radio circles. I’m not sure why. It’s mostly used in film when describing how a director’s unique vision and style is evident in a movie. Think Hitchcock and Kubrick. But it could easily apply to radio producers like Kitchen Sisters, Ira Glass, and Jad Abumrad.

I’d add Nick to that list, too (along with his collaborator Brendan Baker). Listen to a “Love + Radio” podcast and you’ll hear why. There’s nothing like it in audio storytelling — the production style and the subject matter immediately say “Love + Radio.”

On this edition of HowSound, Nick and I talk about what makes “L+R” unique — why the edits that sound like mistakes when compared to standard public radio editing, and why such creepy characters?

After you listen HowSound, be sure to subscribe to “Love + Radio.” Then, watch Errol Morris’ First Person, a TV series that heavily influenced Nick, and read Victor Kossakovsky’s Ten Rules for Documentary Filmmakers (or watch a Kossokovsky interview about the list). And, while I’m in linking mode, check out Megapolis, an audio festival Nick has a hand in. Plus, Nick works at Snap Judgement.

Okay. Enough links already. Go listen!

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