Just Another Fish Story

Listen to “Just Another Fish Story”

I remember the day Molly Menschel said she wanted to produce a story about a dead whale. I thought she would fail miserably.

Molly was a student of mine at the time back in 2004. The whale in question had beached itself in Lubec, Maine a good ten years earlier. I thought “Who would she interview? Who the heck will remember a dead whale from that long ago?”

But, Molly was convinced it would work, that she’d get good tape. So, off she went to the hinterlands of Downeast Maine with her microphone, a tape recorder, and a steadfast willingness to interview everyone she encountered.

In the end, Molly produced one my all-time favorite radio documentaries. “Just Another Fish Story” stands out from the pack because it’s timeless, universal, and oh-so-well-produced. Frankly, I don’t know exactly how she did it. It’s rather mind-boggling that this piece was produced by a student — just her second story ever.

Okay, truth be told? I’m jealous. Listen and hear why.

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