Josh: Growing Up With Tourette’s

Listen to “Josh: Growing Up With Tourette’s”

“Happy Sweet 16!” to Teenage Diaries, the remarkable radio documentary series where young people were given tape decks to document their lives.  The series, produced by Joe Richman in the 1990’s, is a stunning collection of stories that have become part of the radio documentary canon.  I’ve listened to the stories time and again and never tire of them.

To mark the anniversary, Joe checked in with five people — now adults — who were featured in the original series. These new stories, Teenage Diaries Revisited, air this week on NPR’s All Things Considered.

To join in the party, I dug up an interview with Joe from 2009. On a previous incarnation of this podcast (Saltcast), Joe and I dissected one of the teen diaries, “Josh, Growing Up With Tourette’s.” Joe, as always, let loose with a ton of radio goodness during our chat — all kinds of tips and tricks and behind-the-scenes observations about the production of these diaries.

When you’re done listening, be sure to check out the new series and all of Joe’s work.

Happy Birthday Teenage Diaries!!

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