Autism Grows Up

Listen to “Autism Grows Up”

Producer Catherine Stifter has an enviable job. She’s been hired by Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, California to guide a change in the sound of the station’s reporting for their documentary program “The View From Here.” Catherine says her task is to “innovate and experiment.” Who wouldn’t want that gig, right?

In addition to changing up the sound, Catherine is building a new approach to reporting. Her partner in the task is jesikah maria ross (she doesn’t capitalize her name) the station’s community engagement specialist. Catherine and jesikah bring reporters together with people from the communities they report on as part of the reporting process. It’s a unique approach that flattens the hierarchy, if you will, between the station and audience.

On this edition of HowSound, Catherine talks about the sound she’s after — less narration, more verite-like scenes — and we listen to examples of that approach in the documentary “Autism Grows Up.” Also, Catherine and jesikah describe the community engagement process they’re utilizing for an upcoming documentary on the high school dropout crisis in the state.

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