The Secret

Listen to “The Secret”

Initially, “The Secret” by Carma Jolly seems like it might be a story about Carma’s brother and his near-death experience caused by Spina bifida.

But then, about four minutes in, the story takes a sharp turn and suddenly “The Secret” is about Carma and her depression and suicidal tendencies — two topics rarely discussed publicly. I actually turned up the volume on my radio as that plot twist played itself out, a surprising bit of narrative magic. In that moment, I was hooked by the story and Carma as a producer.

“The Secret” originally aired in 2004 on Outfront, an incredibly inventive, daily radio program produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Carma worked for Outfront for many years. She’s now a producer for CBC’s Tapestry and a sound artist.

Got your ears on? You’ll need ’em for this HowSound.

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