Listen to “Stand-Ups”

Robert Smith‘s stories for National Public Radio regularly bring a spark to news programs full of “just-the-facts-ma’am” stories. Robert does it by going live — narrating to tape on location. Freestylin’, if you will. No script. Just Robert and the moment.

In reporting lingo, this is known as a “stand-up.” And if Robert isn’t the king of the stand-up, he surely is the prince.

Personally, I find the prospect of a stand-up frightening. My script for narration is never far from me and my microphone. But, after talking to Robert for this edition of HowSound, I may just jump in the deep-end some day soon and give it try.

Have a listen to HowSound and then come back to the blog and check out these links to the full pieces featured on the program.

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NYC Take The A Train to Honor Duke Ellington recently published an article by Robert and Phyllis Fletcher on spicing up short news stories. It’s called “Creativity in a Minute.”

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