She Sees Your Every Move

Listen to “She Sees Your Every Move”

Finally. A LONG overdue HowSound on scoring — using music in a story. Jonathan Mitchell’s provocative piece about photographer Michele Iversen goes under the HowSound audio microscope.

Jonathan is a master at using music in stories for Studio 360, Radiolab, the PBS science program Nova, and elsewhere. He shows us how he uses music for transitions and mood and he reveals his process — it’s all incredibly helpful if you’re thinking about using music in stories.

If you’re thinking of using music in stories, keep copyright in mind. For broadcast on public radio, use whatever music you want. But, if you audio work is distributed via CD or on the web or in videos, copyright is another story entirely. There is a lot of copyright free music available. And, there’s music you can license under a Creative Commons copyright. Here are just a few you might want to keep in mind for your next production.

Happy scoring!!

Jonathan has an excellent podcast you should subscribe to — The Truth. He calls them “movies for your ears.” Go listen…. after you listen to this HowSound, of course.

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