Passing Stranger: The East Village Poetry Walk

Listen to “Passing Stranger: The East Village Poetry Walk”

It used to be people would say “Oh, the 1940s and 50s, that was the Golden Age of radio.” Maybe ten years ago they were right.

Now, I’d say the 2010s are Golden Age of Radio. Take radio itself then add on satellite radio, HD radio, the internet, podcasts, mobile devices… the deluge of audio content is ridiculous. And, I didn’t even mention audio tours, the topic on this edition of HowSound.

Radio producer Pejk Malinovski has ventured into the world of producing audio tours. He thinks other radio producers should, too, if for no other reason than they both use the same tools and skill set. Pejk’s first audio tour production was Passing Stranger: The East Village Poetry Walk. On HowSound, Pejk talks about the tour and some of the differences between producing for radio and producing for a tour.

You should be sure to visit the Passing Stranger site AFTER you listen to the podcast. It’s fascinating to see how they repurposed the audio tour for the web. Insanely clever, I’d say.

Happy listening!

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