Krulwich on Gorilla Cage Drama

Listen to “Krulwich on Gorilla Cage Drama”

I just listened to a slew of “Hmmm….”, Robert Krulwich’s science podcast for NPR. I couldn’t stop listening. One, then another, then another.  If the phrase for a good book is “page turner,” Robert’s podcasts are a “click-wheel turner.”

The same goes for Radiolab, the science program from WNYC that Robert co-hosts with Jad Abumrad. I’m like a gerbil looking for the next pellet. Wheel-turn, click. Wheel-turn, click.

Robert’s stories are always ear-catching and dramatic whether they’re on radio, television, or in person at conferences. He practically forces you to want to know what happens next. How the heck does he do that?! So, I asked him.

On this edition of HowSound, Robert talks about drama, narrative voice, and the day gorilla cages changed forever. Think of it as a Master Class on storytelling, and Robert’s clearly the master.

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