Knock Out

Intro from Jay Allison: Participants come to the Transom Story Workshop with the intention of creating change in their own lives. That makes it exciting for everyone. The class of Spring 2012 came from all over the country and Canada to spend two months here in Woods Hole. They were led by their gifted teacher, Rob Rosenthal, and dedicated teaching associate, Sarah Reynolds, along with a roster of visitors from This American Life, Studio 360, PRX, The Kitchen Sisters, and other Transom friends and staff. Most of the nine students had never made a radio story before. When they left, they had made stories as good or better than those you hear every day on nationally-distributed public radio programs. If you don’t believe me, listen to their work.

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About “Knock Out”

I really lucked out when I found the subject of this piece, Kaline Medeiros. I was thinking about profiling a Brazilian painter living in Fall River, Massachusetts, so I gave him a call. He started telling me about some of the paintings he had recently completed, and mentioned a portrait of a Brazilian immigrant female ultimate fighter living in the area. Of course my ears perked up immediately! I knew very little about ultimate fighting, and even less about opportunities for women in the violent professional sport. Kaline let me into her home and her gym, and she and her coaches were wonderful to work with. She had so much to say, and deciding where to edit was very difficult. But with the help of other Transom Story Workshop students and our fabulous teachers, I was able to cut the piece from thirteen minutes to eight. Enjoy!

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Jenna Weiss-Berman

Jenna Weiss-Berman

After almost a decade working in public radio on such shows as The Moth and StoryCorps, Jenna started the podcast department at BuzzFeed and created Another Round and Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham. She went on to co-found Pineapple Street Media, which produces podcasts for the New York Times, Lenny Letter, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and many more outlets. She currently sits on the advisory board of The Moth. Jenna is a proud Transom Story Workshop Alumni, spring class of 2012.

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