Four Feet Under

Listen to “Four Feet Under”

Here it is, the first HowSound, the backstory to great radio storytelling. And, we kick things off in a graveyard — hopefully, that’s not foreshadowing!

The story I’m featuring is called “Four Feet Under.” The thing that strikes me about the piece is an out-take from an interview with the graveyard superintendent. Wow. Wait ’til you hear it. Crikey.

Clay Bolton produced the story and while he was reporting it, he was on the hunt for a universal — something that links the story to larger concerns that resonate with most listeners. Clay knew the superintendent would be able to provide the universal but, getting the tape was not easy. Clay and the superintendent were oil and water and I have the tape to prove it.

Have a listen and let us know what you think. Post your thoughts here.

Oh, and by the way, HowSound is the continuation of a podcast about radio storytelling called Saltcast. All eighty-two Saltcasts are online and available at iTunes. Go scoop’em up.

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