Edward Stephenson, Tobacco Auctioneer

Listen to “Edward Stephenson, Tobacco Auctioneer”

Keys to good storytelling: strong, simple writing; solid voicing; professional recording and mixing; compelling characters; a seductive narrative; visuals…..

What else?

John Biewen says “sure-handedness,” a compelling, internal logic where one idea flows seamlessly into the next.

John’s a freelance radio producer and the Audio Program Director at the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS). He’s taught techniques for sure-handedness to hundreds of students and shares a few of those tips on this edition of HowSound. We also listen to a CDS student production from 2003 about Edward Stephenson, a tobacco auctioneer. It’s produced by Mara Zepada and Kate Waters. John says it’s a great example of sure-handedness.

And, with all your spare time, check out a slew of CDS-produced stories at PRX.

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