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Intro from Chris Lydon:
In the months immediately after 9/11, as it just so happened, I embarked on a mission to open talk radio listening posts in the Caribbean, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. On commercial radio stations in Kingston, Jamaica; Accra Ghana, and in Singapore, we spent long nights for two weeks a piece giving and taking with radio and internet listeners on the widest range of subjects. From Post-Colonial sex, to music, to global economics, culture, and the different trajectories that these countries had taken out of the British empire over the last four decades.

Parachute Radio on Transom

The Internet Question  Ghana
The Internet Question

A special Transom show feature, Chris Lydon and guests discuss the effect of the Internet on Ghana’s economy and culture.
Chris Lydon in Singapore  Singapore Sling: Online | PDF
Chris Lydon went to Singapore to host a nightly call in show at the state-controlled NewsRadio 938. Read his essay about the complex contradictions of a place once referred to as “a theme-park version of Chinese authoritarianism.”
Chris Lydon in Ghana  Ghana
The Talk of Accra: Online | PDF

Chris Lydon travelled to Accra, Ghana where he hosted a daily call-in talk show on a local radio station. Read about his experiences and listen to some excerpts from the show.
Lydon in Jamaica  Jamaica
Parachute Radio: Online | PDF

Christopher Lydon’s report on his stint as a radio talk show host… in Jamaica. Read and Listen…

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