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photo of Dr. Inoue

Dr. Inoue photo by Chris Inoue

About The Cell’s Mystery

From searching for a story to the final touches on “The Cell’s Mystery”, the process was a roller coaster that I didn’t fully anticipate. I thought once you discover a great story… one with tales of war, pioneering discovery, and universal truths that of course a radio story would naturally flow forth, but that is not the case. Making a radio story – especially a science story – requires much more than just a cool idea. You need great interviewees, sounds to give a sense of place, writing to carry the listener along, a tight structure to emphasize the important point, and editing, lots and lots of editing. Rob, Sarah, and the whole Transom Workshop crew helped me understand how to take an idea and bring it to life through radio.

In the end, “The Cell’s Mystery” is about how science isn’t sterile. Behind scientific discovery there are people, there is history, and always more complicated questions. Dividing cells are what make up all life. The idea of cell division was first published in 1855, but for nearly a century scientists debated, “How?” There were theories but researchers struggled to prove what force caused division. It took a dedicated scientist and the microscope he invented to uncover the mystery. This is his story.

photo of Sara Robberson and Dr Inoue

Sara Robberson

About Sara Robberson

Sara is an independent producer, based out of Austin, TX. Combining her educational background in oral history and love for science and technology, Sara is excited to explore how radio can spark the imagination while documenting contemporary culture and ideas. She thinks all stories deserve a voice… even the really nerdy ones.

In addition to radio, She is a web designer and multimedia producer.

Sara is a member of PRX.

She is also a member of AIR.