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About Veronica’s Backyard

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Joel Supple

I was chasing a different story that wasn’t coming to fruition when in a fluster of panic I found Veronica. I went to interview her about chickens. When I got to the house I found all sorts of animals residing in Veronica’s backyard. From the outset I wasn’t really sure what the story was going to be about, but Veronica was all personality, and a great character. Although she had lots to say, initially I struggled to find a way to place the things she was telling me into a cohesive narrative. And it was difficult to contain her to a quiet space.

Veronica has an abundance of energy and I found myself chasing her round the yard, and down the street in my socks (my shoes were too noisy!). This presented all kinds of difficulties in the editing process as I had a lot of ambient noises that didn’t necessarily sit together very well. These sounds were very much a part of Veronica’s daily life though, so I tried to create something that would incorporate all the different audio and have the listener sit in on her world for a moment. By having some activity in the middle of the piece the different sounds could be accommodated, and it could move forward as a story, even if it wasn’t a true narrative.

About Joel Supple

Joel Supple lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has a degree in sociology and has had lots of different jobs mostly unrelated to it. She loves how radio allows her to legitimately ask people lots of questions. When she gets home she hopes to continue making and learning more about the art of radio.