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photo by Story Workshop alum, Schuyler Swensom

photo by Story Workshop alum, Schuyler Swensom

The Transom Online Workshop (TOW) is an experimental learning environment for conveying the art and craft of multimedia storytelling, supported by the Knight Prototype Fund. The mentor is Scott Carrier, Peabody Award-winning producer and Communications Professor. You can look and listen in to the latest TOW 0.3 Facebook Group page.

We have finished our final test instructor-led workshop (not sure when or if they’ll be another). We also have now testing a basic instructor-less (free) web-based path thru the learning materials, and started a Transom Online Workshop Facebook Group where self-guided learners can post and discuss each other’s work.

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Hannah Jerome at Tadpull interviewing TOW learner Emile Klein


What is User Experience (UX)? The UX firm, Tadpull, answers that question in a set of slides. Their experience interviewing Transom Online Workshop learners shows how prototyping with user-feedback can influence educational design.
Stacy and opponent in the fight ring

Online Workshop 0.3: Story

We've selected some favorites from the final exercise of the third Transom Online Workshop. The assignment was to take four weeks and pitch, rough-mix, revise, and finalize a story on any topic.
Transom Online Workshop: StoryMap

TOW Around the World

Take a multimedia trip across the planet with the Transom Online Workshop. Our global gallery leads you thru a collection of selected audio, video, and photo work by international learners.
Angry Amy removing road sign

Online Workshop 0.2: Story

We present a few of our favorites from the final productions of the first full Transom Online Workshop. The assignment was to Make a Story, in photos, audio, or video.
Ronson, job seeker, Lagos, Nigeria (by Samuel Okocha)

Online Workshop 0.3: Photo

Our beta seven-week Transom Online Workshop has 35 learners on six continents. We're proud to present a few of our favorite works from their first photo/interview assignment.
Captain Moon Space Pirate Extraordinaire, from a video by Bekah Johnson

Online Workshop 0.2: Video

Here's a crop of videos from our full Transom Online Workshop. The goal is to get learners familiar with multimedia recording and editing by going out to talk to strangers, then making a short film.
Imaginary Izzy (by Tess Lawley)

Online Workshop 0.2: Audio

We present some audio pieces and photos by participants in TOW 0.2, our first six-week Transom Online Workshop. The assignment: ask strangers the same question, "What are you afraid of?"
Verónica, Distrito Federal in Mexico City (by Stéphane Vigneault)

Online Workshop 0.2: Photo

The beta test of the full six-week Transom Online Workshop is underway: 24 learners on six continents spanning 20 timezones. Here's a few of our favorite works from their first photo/interview assignment.
Transom Online Workshop 0.1: Audio

Online Workshop 0.1: Audio

Here's some more fine work from the the Transom Online Workshop. The goal is to stimulate basic interviewing, audio recording, and story structure skills, and get learners out talking to strangers.
Transom Online Workshop: Facebook page

Online Workshop 0.1: Convo

Look in on some lively, illuminating conversations from the first couple weeks of the of the Transom Online Workshop (excerpted from the workshop's private Facebook Group page).

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