Workshops and Training


Story Workshop

  • Our eight-week residential training session.
  • For beginning radio producers.
  • In Woods Hole, MA on Cape Cod.

Participants leave with a portfolio of pieces, audio editing software, and professional connections in the public radio world.

Story Workshops are offered in the spring and fall on Cape Cod.

Applications for Fall 2014 are open. Deadline May 30th.

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Mic and headphone in recording studio

Traveling Workshop

  • On-site trainings.
  • From a one day, one-on-one, session to a weeklong radio boot camp.

Transom’s newest offering, Traveling Workshops, can accommodate various sized groups and experience levels.

Contact us with the details of a Workshop you’d like in your area.

Check back here for news on upcoming Traveling Workshops.

We are not accepting applications for Traveling Workshops at this time.

Women with laptop computers

Online Workshop

The Transom Online Workshop (TOW) is an experimental learning environment for conveying the art and craft of multimedia storytelling, supported by the Knight Prototype Fund. Transom has extensive experience teaching narrative non-fiction in our on-the-ground Workshops and ever-expanding web-archive of learning materials. TOW takes our educational expertise and applies them to new ways of acquiring composition and production skills.

We have started our final beta test, TOW 0.3. This workshop is now full and accepting no more testers. At this point we do not know if they’ll be another instructor-led workshop. We will, however, offer an instructor-less (free) web-based path thru the learning materials, due out February 2014.

Workshop News


Story Workshop Spring 2014: In Session

The spring 2014 Transom Story Workshop has begun. Check here for all sorts of news and updates including Twitter and Flickr feeds.
Lilly editing on the dock. Photo by Transom alum Karen Duffin

Story Workshop Fall 2014: Apply

Applications are now open for the fall 2014 Transom Story Workshop. Apply by May 30, 2014.
Transom Online Workshop: StoryMap

TOW Around the World

Take a multimedia trip across the planet with the Transom Online Workshop. Our global gallery leads you thru a collection of selected audio, video, and photo work by international learners.