Three About Me

| Approaches to Self

Short Self Portraits
Produced by Monika Mueller

From Monika Mueller

English is my second language and it took a long time to finally pick it up, even though I had English in school for 7 years to. In fact I had to leave Germany! It’s been a challenge and in the end very rewarding when you can make jokes or a play on words in a second language. For me it opened up a whole new radio horizon. I think it’s like having another character and it makes it easier to be insulting, self obsessed or kind of goofy. I am more shy and self conscious in my native language.
“Short Self Portraits” are 3 short expressions done pretty spontaneously. I think I was very frustrated that day, mainly with my bartending job, and I decided to play around and have fun and create something, something about me with the hopes other people could identify with it too. Other people have mean thoughts, or like to sing in their car. I had already been thinking about making lists of all sorts of things. The contents of my fridge or all my birthday presents.
The idea is repetition, contemplation and a bit of mystery since a tiny puzzle will be resolved in the end.

Technical Info

I produced it on my first imac (it’s been a while) the week I got it. I had no other software than what it came with. I just sat down at my computer desk in Los Angeles, windows wide open (you can hear some birds sing, if you listen closely) and recorded it into imovie. I had an old aiwa microphone I bought 10 years ago and plugged it directly into the computer without an interface, recorded my voice and then arranged the music. There is no complex, editing, imovie doesn’t offer many options for the audio tracks. All I could do was fade the music in and out.
I recorded the narration a couple of times, since the phone would ring, or my cats would meow, while I was speaking.


About Monika Mueller

Nuremberg, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles these are the cities I lived in and
where I have been looking for radio stories. For the longest time I produced correspondent style pieces. I did stories on 70 year old Surfers in California, people that overdose on space cakes in Amsterdam, alternative cultural centers in London and African soccer players in Bavaria.
Most of my work has been aired on MDR Sputnik, German public radio in Halle.
I have also worked as a waitress, a blacksmith assistant, designed and produced hand made lamps and I like to draw cats. I was part of a group exhibition “The Cat Show” at Acme gallery in Los Angeles last march.
These days my focus is on radio creations.
My radio stories became more personal just the last couple of years, that’s when I started to write stuff in English.
A few month ago I relocated from Los Angeles to Berlin, where I am working as a freelance radio journalist.