Transom Series: This Is Radio

Intro from Jay Allison: Audio may not go viral, but we love it anyway. We love it so much we're making it visual. Transom hereby premieres a new series, called "This Is Radio," created by our friend and Transom Story Workshop graduate, Andrew Norton. Andrew is a video guy (and skateboard photographer) who loves radio too, and, in a way, he's using this series as a way to meet all the people he admires, and "poke around their stuff." We hope you like these little portraits. We'd like to make more if we can get support, which we're trying to do. Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is Radio.

A video series about people who make radio.
Created By Andrew Norton
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  • Roman Staff SQ
  • This Is Radio: Brooke Gladstone
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  • This Is Radio: Joe Richman
  • This Is Radio: Kitchen Sister
  • This Is Radio: Glynn Washington
  • This Is Radio: Jonathan Goldstein
  • This Is Radio