Transom Series: A Year At Sea (10)

Transom Donor Fund winner, Allison Swaim's on-going account of her year traveling aboard cargo ships at sea. Tape and all.

Allison Swaim pulling away from Singapore Harbor

Back to the Beginning

October 3 2012

Allison Swaim's final post on her year at sea including a video poem reflecting on her journey and a map of the route she took.

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Allison and shipmates

Ship's Log

July 2012

Allison Swaim has almost completed her year at sea; traveling around the world via cargo ship. She sent us this ship's log from her time on a container ship back in March. We'll have another update from her soon. Last we heard, she was just leaving Shanghai.

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crossing the Suez by boat

Port Said: Intersection between East and West

April 2012

Cargo ship hitchhiker Allison Swaim reports from the north entrance to the Suez Canal.

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Photo sitting on the bank of a creek

You Must Live It

March 2012

Globe-trotting radio producer, Allison Swaim checks in from Istanbul and shares with us what she is learning about how to tell a story.

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Photo of car driving onto ship

Floating Parking Deck

November 2011

Allison Swaim brings us sound and image from on board a RO-RO car carrier on the North Sea. This is part of our year long series of stories from the trade routes.

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Photo of a boat

Back on the Map

October 2011

Transom Donor Fund winner, Allison Swaim is traveling the world via cargo ship and documenting her journey as she goes. She checks in with us now from Sweden and catches us up on what’s happened since we last heard from her.

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Recording and computer gear for the trip

Packing Dilemma

July 2011

Allison Swaim on what one packs for a year long trip on cargo ships to get the story of global trade.

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Photo of recording coal as it pours into the hatch

Living In My Story

July 2011

Before getting on a cargo ship to sail around the world, I needed to know what I was getting into. So I spent nine days on the Great Lakes aboard the Calumet as a trial run for my yearlong project.

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Inglore the sailor, off the coast of St. Croix

Mapping A Route

July 2011

Next week, I board a cargo ship and set sail on a yearlong adventure. My plan? Circumnavigate the globe by ship. Spend time in port cities en route. Document global trade from the perspective of people who carry out the actual, physical process.

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Allison Swaim boarding the boat Calumet

A Year at Sea

July 2011

Transom Donor Fund winner, Allison Swaim, starts her on-going, real-time account of a year circumnavigating the globe on cargo ships. Tape and all.

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