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Pro Tools 10

June 27 2012

Jeff Towne has done his typically thorough job evaluating the latest version of Pro Tools —Pro Tools v10. It’s chock full of insider tips and tricks just for the radio crowd. Check it out.

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Hindenburg Journalist Update

September 2011

The audio producing software, Hindenburg Journalist has a bunch of new features. Jeff Towne runs them down for you, complete with illustrations and his customary hand-holding. This is the application we’ll be using at our upcoming Transom Story Workshop, so we’ll have more to report after that, but right now, we’re liking it.

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Photo of a woman saying "Oh No!"

File Recovery - by Jeff Towne and Samantha Broun

March 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Transom's Samantha Broun had a major scare. After a long day of recording in the field, her flash card read zero files. Tools hero Jeff Towne led her to the file recovery software, Stellar Phoenix and eventually back to her audio files. Read all about it here.

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Photo of ProTools 9 at AES convention

Pro Tools 9 Preview

November 2010

We sent Jeff Towne to San Francisco to be on a panel at the AES Convention (Audio Engineering Society). Jeff writes: "The biggest booth, and the biggest news, on the exhibit floor was from AVID, announcing the release of Pro Tools 9" Transom has long reported on Pro Tools as the industry standard, but things are changing fast. The new version will require no hardware, but it will do more and cost more. Worth it? Come hear the latest from Jeff.

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Photo of ProTools MBox

Original Pro Tools M-Box End of Software Support - by Jeff Towne

November 2010

As evidenced by many articles here on Transom, we have long been fans of Pro Tools LE, using the M-Box as an interface. Despite the annoyance of Pro Tools requiring that the device be attached at all times, the original M-Box was a pretty nice little interface. Sure, it could have been a little smaller, but it could be squeezed into a bag along with a laptop and a few accessories without too much trouble. The two mic inputs sounded quite good, smooth and clean, as did the....

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Photo of Hindenburg edit window


October 2010

Transom is always interested in tools that make radio storytelling easier, better, and cheaper. Lately, our Tools Editor Jeff Towne has been testing some alternatives to ProTools and just test-drove Hindenburg from the Danish Company, Nsaka, and finds it has the advantage of being designed specifically for "us" - people making radio stories.

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Photo of Reaper edit window


July 2010

The reign of Pro Tools has been a long and frustrating one for radio producers. It’s not really designed for us, but it’s become the industry standard, so we use it. Every upgrade causes mass confusion. There is a new contender: REAPER. Even if you’re going to stick with Pro Tools until the walls come down, you should at least check this out.

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Editing with Monle iPhone app

iPhone Audio Editing: Monle and Hindenburg Mobile

May 2010

A new category of tools is emerging: audio editing and transmitting via cell phone. Jeff Towne has the latest on two amazing little apps for the iPhone - Monle from American Public Media, and Hindenburg Mobile from Nsaka -complete with screen shots, audio samples, and Jeff’s careful testing.

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audacity icon


April 2004

Editing wants to be FREE! An audio editing solution for Mac, Windows and Linux. by Jeff Towne There are lots of references on this site to ProTools and Adobe Audition and Nuendo and other sophisticated digital audio editing progr...

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GarageBand from Apple

GarageBand from Apple

January 2004

Apple recently announced a very cheap audio mixing application called GarageBand, which will be included for free with all new Macs: They're marketing it for home musicians. What are Transom folks' thought...

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