Transom Guests – Archive (72)


Joe Richman

April 15 2014

As part of the Joe Richman Experience this week on Transom, we present you with his manifesto! It’s a great balance of the useful and the inspirational… our sweet spot. Including great tips for making un-narrated work.

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Jonathan Harris

January 2014

Jonathan Harris' Manifesto, “Navigating Stuckness,” is an autobiographical journey following his path as a diarist, painter, storyteller, data artist, web visionary, and who knows what next? You’ll find lessons for all of us who are ever stuck, accompanied by wonderful original illustrations.

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Catherine Burns

November 2013

Catherine Burns leads the artistic team at The Moth, and in her Transom Manifesto she has generously illuminated some of her secret tricks for us. She talks about what makes a Moth story work, and, more particularly, what makes it work (or not) across different media, with fascinating examples.

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photo of Sam Greenspan

Sam Greenspan

August 2013

Sam Greenspan, of 99% Invisible, has made such an effective case for MEANDERING as a production tool that you'll want to get up and take a stroll around the neighborhood. Be a Pilgrim, he says, a Radical Pedestrian! You'll be convinced.

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photo of Andrea Seabrook

Andrea Seabrook

April 2013

Andrea Seabrook’s podcast Decode DC approaches political reporting from a fresh angle and we like the way it sounds. She quit a pretty good job in order to do this. In her Transom Manifesto, she tells us how and why she got to this point. She lays out her principles and measures her work against them.

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photo of Jonathan Groubert

Jonathan Groubert

February 2013

Jonathan Groubert's incredibly instructive Transom Manifesto takes you through the life cycle--from birth to death--of "The State We're In," an hour-long radio show that achieved the rare feat of success not only in Europe where it was produced but here in the U.S. as well.

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MediaStorm photo: Old Picture

Brian Storm

November 2012

In his Transom Manifesto, Brian Storm compares three versions of the same story about a New York City Seltzer Man--one for radio, one for TV, and one by MediaStorm. This is a great multimedia storytelling exercise, highly recommended.

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photo of the Kitchen Sisters in front of food truck

The Kitchen Sisters

September 2012

In their Transom Manifesto, The Kitchen Sisters chronicle their use of imagery and offer testament to keeping your eyes open while working with your ears.

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photo of Jad

Jad Abumrad

July 2012

In his Transom Manifesto, Jad Abumrad reflects on the birth of Radiolab, the ways we discover things without realizing it, the difficulty of changing, and the burdens of geniushood. You can hear early mock-ups, seminal conversations, inspirational moments, and thoughts about what to do next. Check it out.

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photo of Phyllis Fletcher and Robert Smith

Phyllis Fletcher & Robert Smith

June 2012

Phyllis Fletcher and Robert Smith convince you to give up long-form documentary and take up the news spot. It's creative work, they say, and you'll get famous! Seriously, this is required reading for reporters and editors. We have compiled their advice and conversation into the downloadable PDF of the Transom Review. Get a copy for your newsroom.

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