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If you would like to send Transom your work for consideration, please read the following agreement and use our instructions for submission. Submission Agreement

You are submitting your work for consideration by the Massachusetts-based non-profit organization Atlantic Public Media, Inc. for placement on the site and other uses as specified in the “Acceptance Agreement“. warrants that no use will be made of your material without prior agreement from you and subject to the terms of our “Acceptance Agreement.”

You agree that you have the right to submit this work for uses as described in the “Acceptance Agreement” and that your submission does not infringe on any copyright or other proprietary right or right of publicity or privacy. You acknowledge that receives many audio materials and ideas, some of which may coincidentally be similar to yours and that does not have any duty or liability with respect to infringement of your copyright.

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For mail submission of sound-recordings or print materials:
Please download the “ Mail Submission Agreement” and include a signed and dated copy with your submission.

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Mail To: Public Media
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Only if your work is available online:
Please read the “Submission Agreement” above, then fill out this form.

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If you would like to make other arrangements for sending your work (email, ftp, etc…), please contact us first to discuss file size and the best method for delivery.